Snowgarden – SKI

INFO: The story of Snowli

    • Getting to know the skis and the snow
    • Walking, climbing uphill (turning around)
    • Skiing in the fall line with skis parallel and braking
    • Changes of direction from the fall line

Blue Prince – SKI

Blue Prince – SNOWBOARD

INFO: Equipment

    • Climbing uphill by side stepping and herringbone (scissor) stepping
    • Gliding and braking with the snow plough
    • Skiing with skis parallel with steps and tricks
    • Snow plough turns (wedge turns)
INFO: Behaviour on the slopes (FIS Rules)

    • Edging in the traverse
    • Edging to flat base riding
    • Using the T-bar riding
    • Skidded turns

Blue King – SKI


INFO: Use of ski lifts

    • Traversing and tricks
    • Side-slipping
    • Skiing with skis parallel over easy bumps and jumps
    • Snow plough turns (wedge christie) on an easy blue slope
INFO: Warm up

    • Turns using rotation techniques
    • Waltzing
    • Wheelie
    • Jumping with both feet in the air on a slope

Blue Star – SKI


INFO: Behaviour on the slopes (FIS-Rules)

    • Turning in a miniature slalom jungle and in a set course
    • Skiing over bumps and dips
    • Skiing backwards (switch) with skis in a V shape withh change of direction
    • Snow plough turns (wedge christie) on a versatile blue run
INFO: Behaviour in the snowpark

    • Riding Switch
    • Speed check
    • Fifty/Fifty on an easy box
    • Hitting small jumps

Red Prince – SKI



Red Prince – SNOWBOARD


INFO: Warm up

    • Braking with skis parallel


    • Turning steps on an easy slope


    • Waltzing


    • Skidded parallel turns
INFO: Small Freestyle glossary

    • Turns using streching and bending techniques


    • Powerslide


    • Ollie/N’Ollie on the slope


    • 180° on the slope

Red King – SKI


INFO: Behaviour in the snowpark

    • Short turns on an easy slope
    • Skating step in the plane
    • Basic Air (Small Kicker)
    • Parallel turns with various radii
INFO: Nature, forest and the environment

    • Carved turns
    • Slide on the slope
    • Ollie/N’Ollie 180° on the slope
    • Basic Air

Red Star – SKI


INFO: Natur, forest and the environment

    • Parallel turns trough a corridor of slalom gates and in a set course
    • Skidded parallel turns backwards (switch)
    • Single ski turns on an easy slope
    • Short turns on an intermediate slope
INFO: Swiss Snow Academy

    • Riding off-piste
    • Frontside Noseturn
    • Backside Boardslide on a box
    • Straight Air

Black Prince – SKI

INFO: Preparation of equipment

    • Short turns with pole planting on an difficult slope
    • Jumps: Straights and fifty-fifty over box
    • Skiing with skis plarallel with steps and tricks
    • Carved parallel turns on a wide easy slope

Swiss Snow Academy – SKI

Swiss Snow Academy – SNOWBOARD

INFO: on the following topics

    • Race
    • Freestyle
    • Freeride
INFO: on the following topics\r\n

    • Slope
    • Park
    • Freeride


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